Retirement Planning

Our advisors work alongside plan sponsors to reduce exposure to fiduciary liability through adherence to ERISA, IRS and Department of Labor compliance requirements.

Our Approach

Through our educational approach, we aim to better equip sponsors and plan participants with the tools to improve retirement outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to help your employees retire with dignity.

Our Services

Fiduciary Support

Functioning as a 3(21) or 3(38) depending your level of need, we can assume all or a portion of the fiduciary responsibility.

Fee Analysis and Benchmarking

As part of a sponsor’s fiduciary duties, it’s necessary to analyze the current fees and expenses related to the plan. Our advisors believe in determining the true cost of the plan and making adjustments if necessary. From service providers and third-party administrators to recordkeepers and advisory fees, we take a look at the full gamut to identify potential savings.

Investment Analysis and Advisory

Landmark Advisors is comprised of investment professionals with access to a supplementary team of chartered financial analysts (CFA) that will access the current state of the plan and offer potential areas for improvement. We aim to help participants achieve their life and retirement goals through strategic investment decisions.

Target Date Fund Consulting

We start by analyzing the composition of target-date funds that may fit within the plan. Our team will also consider other suitability factors, including the quality and reliability of the fund, in addition to the fee structure.

Plan Design

A plan is only as good as its design, and we know what it takes to create a solid structure. By factoring in risk management measures, individual employee savings goals, retirement health expense considerations, and appropriate investments, we can create a plan that fulfills your fiduciary responsibility and improves the company’s overall retirement program.

Financial Wellness Consulting

Education is a quintessential part of the planning process. Employees learn good savings, budgeting, and spending habits, which encourages more consistent and broader participation in the plan.

RFP Project Management

Let us create requests for proposals (RFPs) on your behalf and vet responses to identify appropriate vendors. In some instances, we may be able to reduce costs with existing providers through this process.

Executive Benefits

Our team can construct a specially designed benefits package to attract and retain key employees at your business. Don’t let the good ones get away.

Employee Benefits Planning

While good executives tie business operations together, employees make the dream work. Coordinating closely with the plan sponsor, we build a strategically aligned set of benefits for employees that will keep them happy, healthy, and as productive as possible.

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Howard Capital Management, Inc., has offered professional money management since 1999. The vision for Howard CM originated during the 1987 stock market crash. With the opinion that incurring financially devastating losses due to market volatility is unnecessary, they initiated a plan to create a company with the main objective to protect capital during market downturns. After years of research, they developed a disciplined, systematic, and non-emotional method of investing that is designed to protect clients' assets during market declines. As they continue to grow, we look forward to using their systematic approach to assist you with your investment goals.